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Refurbishing Or Installing A Flat Roof

Traditionally many people have avoided properties with flat roofs because of the various difficulties associated with them, such as insulation and repair. There was also a fear of water or snow building up after a storm since flat roofs don't have the natural help from gravity that regular roofs have. All of these things have led people to steer clear of flat roofs in the past. Fortunately, the 21st century's roofers have come up with a number of solutions to bypass these problems, leaving homeowners to choose their roof based on aesthetic and personal taste.

At the moment a rubber or plastic membrane is one of the most popular materials to construct a flat roof out of. The rubber membrane has several advantages. Firstly, it is designed to resist water or snow pooling, instead allowing the water to evaporate naturally. Secondly, rubber is much lighter than traditional asphalt roofs. Finally, rubber won't erode due to swelling or contracting caused by the weather.

Then it comes to choosing between rubber and PVC roofs, the difference lies in the seaming structure. Rubber membranes have few or no external seams that are vulnerable to the elements. However PVC takes it one step further as the roofs are hot-welded onto the building. This means that the seams are completely sealed and totally resistant to leaking.

PVC is a very durable substance and manufacturers often give lifetime warranties on these roofs. Since PVC roofs are white in color they naturally reflect the sun's rays and keep the house's internal temperature down, making these roofs cost-efficient too. There are all sorts of ways to customize PVC roofs, including a pattern that gives the effect of multi-colored shingle roofing in the sunlight.

Homeowners looking for maximum durability generally choose standing seam metal roofs. This type of roofing has long been seen in commercial and industrial structures, but it is becoming common in the residential field too. These types of roofs are ideal for people who want their roof to be completely flame resistant and who want extra assurance that their roof will withstand debris from trees and ice etc. The other aspect of this type of roof is that is can be constructed using recycled materials. This gives the roof great eco-friendly credentials on top of its super-durability.

The old fashioned style of hoisting barrels of hot tar onto the roof to install or restore it (known as Build Up Roofing - BUR) is almost extinct now. Instead the market offers a variety of new materials and techniques for flat roof restoration and installation. However, the rise in cheap, effective materials and the explosion of demand for flat roofs on the market has led to a lot of inexperienced roofers claiming they are experts at installing flat roofs, but instead do a poor job since they are not familiar with the up-to-date techniques required to correctly install these roofs. When installing or renovating a flat roof it is advisable to find a reputable roofer. This is particularly relevant with flat roofs, as problems in installation might not arise for several years. You can find a list of professionals in your area on the Roofing Hub website.

Once your flat roof has been properly installed it will give many years of problem-free protection for your property.

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