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Although the foundation is always the most crucial part of building a house, the roof comes next on the list of priorities. Roofs come in such a wide variety, from metal roofs to shingles to slate and even solar panels.

Whilst solar panels are more expensive to install than regular roofs they undoubtedly make up for the expense in energy efficiency and can end up creating a savings of thousands on your electricity bill over the year. Add to that the bonus of knowing you're not chopping down a rain forest every time you leave a light on and the choice seems like a no-brainer.

Improving your roof can improve your house and the Roofing Hub can help you do that. Make sure to take immediate action to repair your roof after a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado as negligence in this area can lead to deep-seated problems in the overall structure of your house.

Slate roof is the most common type of roofing, and also the most costly. Slate is the name for clay or volcanic rock. Using specific industrial tools this rock is cut to flat stones, which are ideal for roofing. They are typically gray, but recently there have been a variety of colors on the market. It's important to be aware that the colors can fade over time. Slate is 100% biodegradable and for many years has been the roofing material of choice due to its strength and excellent leak prevention. Being that it is rock it is also fire-resistant. Slate roofs need constant maintenance and should be checked by an inspector on a yearly basis.

Another choice on the market is architectural shingles. This type of roofing definitely needs regular maintenance but the great thing about this roof choice is that it is not difficult to do, and even an amateur roofer (such as the homeowner) can deal with most of the routine repairs that crop up. Copper can help to guard these roofs against algae and mildew. Architectural shingles are very heavy but don't always require additional structural support to sustain the repairs. These roofs are also fire resistant. They can survive as long as 40 years depending of the climate they are in.

For roofing that will literally last a lifetime most people choose metal roofing. The material can last more than 75 years. These roofs also don't need that much maintenance. Metal roofs come in a variety of materials. Aluminum shingles are a good, lightweight choice due to their flexibility. Their slick surface means that they easily shed debris, snow, and anything else that falls on them. A standing seam is an advisable idea with this type of roof. Another metal roof type is a corrugated metal roof. These are cheap and easy, but might not stand the test of time unless installed by a professional. Steel and tin are the other common metal choices for roof – both are light strong and adaptable. Proper installation may even ensure that your metal roof can survive a hurricane. Metal roofs are becoming more stylish and are available in many colors to allow homeowners to customize the look of their house.

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