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How To Maintain Your Roof

The fact that the roof is not in an easily accessible place sometimes causes people to neglect properly inspecting and maintaining it. This can cause minor issues that arise to go unnoticed and escalate into unnecessarily larger problems. If there is water leaking into your living room then the problem has already escalates and you should take immediate action to fix it. The usual recommendation for inspecting your roof is bi-annually. This system ensures that no issue goes longer than 6 months before being noticed.

Prevention is always better than cure, and instituting a preventative maintenance regime will keep you one step ahead of the problems that naturally arise with your roof. Stop and think for a second about all that your roof does for you. It protects your home and loved ones from the weather, as well as shields you from falling debris. Naturally it takes quite a beating doing this and should also be inspected after major storms. Repairing your roof little by little is much easier on the budget than leaving problems to get bigger and then suddenly having to fork our a fortune to fix them.

Each of the various roofing materials on the market comes with unique damage susceptibility so it's important to understand your roof.

Asphalt shingle roofs are a very popular roofing material but they are not durable. During an inspection pay particular attention to any roof penetration areas, such as pipes, chimneys etc. It's also advisable to repair loose shingles with roofing cement. Finally, you should also check sealed and caulked areas to ensure they continue to be waterproof.

Metal roofs, for example copper, aluminum, or tin have a long lifespan and are very durable. They're also popular thanks to the various styles and colors they're available in.

The catch with metal roofs is that they can be noisy during heavy weather, such as hail or rain. Some types of metal roofs, such as tin, require coating to inhibit rusting.

As much as a shiny new roof can add value to a property, a rusting old roof can take the value right down, so it is best avoided. Rust is not only distressing to the eye, it is a sign of oxidation, which is a deterioration of the metal and a prelude to cracks. When inspecting a metal roof pay attention to the roof penetrations, such as the pipes, to ensure the caulking remains waterproof.

Slates are the classic roof option. They always look slick and stylish. They are long lasting and are not susceptible to dents and cracks in the same way as other roofing materials. Unfortunately, this is a privilege you must pay for, as slate roofing is expensive. Make sure that any moving slates are replaced if broken.

Your choice of roof can make or break the final appearance of your home. There isn't much point in creating a beautiful interior if the rain in going to get in and leak all over it. Roof maintenance is crucial to the continuing appearance of your home. Of course you can perform your own roofing inspection every six months if you feel physically capable and knowledgeable enough. For those who prefer not to clamber up on top of their house, get your roofing contractor to come out for regular inspections.

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